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Standard Terms & Conditions

Upon completing the booking form and paying deposit to secure the booking you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed here.

You are required to click a check box that confirms you have read & agree to the terms & conditions.

If you decide to book with us to you will be required to pay a deposit to secure the booking and the balance will be due on the day of the booking in cash.

A deposit is payable on all bookings. All deposits are taken via credit/debit card.

The balance is payable with cash on the day of the booking.

If in the event that we need to apply a charge as outlined below (be this for damage to the bus, modifications or cancellations) this will be taken from the debit/credit card provided at the time of booking.  In the event that we cannot charge your card for any additional charges then we will take legal matters to recover monies owed.

Any changes to your booking will be advised in writing. 

This includes changes to pick up or drop off addresses (if you advise an address that is not suitable then we will choose a suitable location i.e. main bus route)

Please ensure the email address that you use is checked regular.

You are not booked on until you receive a confirmation via email.  

For the party buses you must remain seated when the bus is in motion and the seat belts must be worn by law (back seats only). 

The driver cannot be responsible for passengers not wearing a seat belt - The supervising adult is responsible for under 14s to wear the seat belts

There are signs in the party buses clearly advising of this.

We cannot be held responsible for any accidents that occur due to passengers standing or moving about when the vehicle is in motion.

There are signs on the buses clearly advising you must remain seated when the bus is in motion.

Children's hires will be mainly stationary for safety reasons (once we reach a suitable location to park up) and is reduced in price over adult hires as there is less fuel consumption.

Stationary hires for children provide a much better experience as they can move around freely and is preferred by most parents.


For the limousines seat belts must be worn by law front facing only). 

The driver cannot be responsible for passengers not wearing a seat belt - The supervising adult is responsible for under 14s to wear the seat belts

No glasses can be brought onto the vehicles. We will supply disposable cups if required.

We only supply clean glasses on the outwards trip (not return).

On return trips we will not allow individual passengers to return and "wait" on the bus until the agreed collection time.

The full balance must paid in full to the driver or crew upon collection by cash (strictly no cheque's).

The organiser must stay with the driver while he counts the money (to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings).

If for any reason the full amount is not paid in cash we reserve the right to charge the different to the credit/debit card used to take the deposit.

Please note the dance poles on our buses have been removed due to a change in the law on these type of vehicles.

All customers who booked with us prior to the dance poles being removed have been emailed advising of this.

We cannot accept any cancellations or amendments due to the dance poles being removed.

The website is being re-designed currently and may show old images with the dance poles.


Deposit, Cancellations & Modifications

The deposit is strictly non-refundable or transferable if the customer cancels at any time after the booking has been received and processed.

i.e. if we agreed to move your booking to a new date (as long as its longer than 28 days from the date of your booking) you would lose the deposit.

Any modifications to date, time or length of booking would mean loss of the deposit unless it is within 28 days (see below) this would be classed as a cancellation. 

The full balance will be owed to Rockstar Party Bus if the customer cancels with less than 28 days notice of the day prior to the event or in the event of a no show on the day of your booking.  (including requesting to amend/change the date as within 28 days of the date of the booking this will be classed as a cancellation)

If your booking is cancelled or amended in any way we will confirm this in writing to you (please note that your booking is not cancelled or modified until we advise it has been actioned).

Example: If you have a booking on the 30th of the month you can cancel by 23.59 on the 2nd you would lose the deposit.

If you cancel from 00.00 on the 3rd and onwards then you will be required to pay the full balance.

Any cancellations made via phone Rockstar Party Bus will email to confirm the cancellation.

If you put in a cancellation request we will charge your card at this time (i.e. on the day you request the cancellation).

If the money cannot be recovered we will take court action to cover the full amount owed & you may incur additional costs such as our legal fees.

If Rockstar Party Bus has to cancel for any reason then the deposit may be used against a future booking or we may decide to refund in full

(This will be at the discretion of Rockstar Party Bus)

Any other modifications will incur an admin fee of £30.


Alcohol is allowed on the bus for 18 years of age and over.  You can bring your own on board.  We do not sell alcohol.

Alcohol or any other possessions cannot be left on the bus in-between a drop off and a pick up (other jobs may be booked in) unless agreed upon booking.

No smoking on the bus (this will result in loss of the full hire fee and termination of the journey).  You can however vape on board.

No illegal drugs on the bus (this will result in loss of the full hire fee and  termination of journey).

Food is not allowed on the bus.

No party poppers, confetti or glitter bombs are allowed on the bus (due to clean up time - if this happens then you will be charged, see below). Balloons, banners, flags etc are usually allowed on the bus with prior agreement as long as they are secured without damaging the bus and are removed prior to departing.

The price quoted is always based on 1 pick up point and 1 drop off point at each end and upon return.

Extra drop offs can be added but must be agreed before booking as a charge may be added (please note - the coach will only use main roads and bus routes).

We cannot be held responsible for any belongings left on the vehicle.

Any bad behaviour, extreme drunkenness, abuse to the bus, each other, the public or the driver could result in the termination of the journey and the full hire fee may be forfeited. This will be at our discretion.

Rockstar Party Bus cannot be held responsible for liquid spills upon clothing while the vehicle is in motion.

The organiser is responsible for making everyone in their group aware of the full terms and conditions of the booking.

The organiser must make the driver aware if anybody in their group does not want their picture taken or published on our website or social media platforms. 

The organiser must inform the driver if anyone in their group suffers from asthma or does not want the use the disco lighting/strobe lights/smoke machines.

The organiser must inform upon booking the amount of luggage space required.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to the bus if we believe a person is unfit to travel (heavily intoxicated etc)

Alcohol is not to be consumed on the bus by anyone aged under 18. It is the organisers responsibility to ensure this.

We can supply non alcoholic drinks to under 18s. If the driver believes a person under age is consuming alcohol he may terminate the journey with no refund issued.

In the case of extreme weather conditions and your journey is not able to begin a full refund of your deposit will be paid, alternatively another date is agreed.

A charge may occur if any damage is caused to the bus. 


See below for a list of our charges:


Remote control loss or damage will be charged at £40.

Microphone damage £90 or cost if more as we need to replace the full system as cannot purchase mics separate.

Each glass missing will be charged at £5.

Sick clean up fee will be charged at £50.

Food clean up fee will be charged at £50.

The clean up of confetti or party poppers will be charged at £50.

The clean up of glitter poppers or bombs or any type of glitter will be charged at £100

The clean up of spraying champagne/drinks will be charged at £50. 

Excessive clean up £50.

Our charge to repair any damage £50 per hour.

If we need to pay for professional cleaning this will be charged at cost.


Any major damage to the vehicle will be charged at £300 minimum per occurrence. 

If the cost to repair the damage is more than £300 per occurrence then the organiser may be pursued for the full payment of the parts and repair costs.

If you damage separate major components on the vehicle you will be charged £300 for each item or the cost to replace plus our labour cost at £50 per hour.

Please understand this is a Party Bus with lots of electronics and is custom built so rectifying what may be seen as small damage due to the time involved to repair may in fact me major damage.  We also reserve the right to pursue the organiser for loss of earnings. 


For late boarding's a charge of £50 will be made for every 15 minutes) unless Rockstar Party Bus has a hire immediately following your hire in which case we may cut down the time you have on the bus if this is possible. (This is to avoid any disruption to our other customers).

If you are late boarding and we have a hire that's booked in after your hire, and due to your late boarding we would miss the pickup time for our next hire, then we reserve the right to cancel your hire with loss of deposit and you would also be required to pay the balance.  (Example you are booked in for an A-B from 1-2pm for us to get to our next hire we would need to leave at 1.15pm latest to drop you off for 2pm to allow us to make it to our next hire, if you do not board by 1.15pm then we will have no option to cancel your hire to avoid disruption to any future hires and as advised above we will charge your card used at the time of the booking for the remaining balance.).

Rockstar Party Bus will have sole discretion if there will be an additional charge made or the time cut short.

It is the booker's responsibility to book the bus pick up times to avoid charges/ traffic delays etc.

We will not be held responsible for missed boarding's due to traffic or bad planning.

Airport Pickups: Rockstar Party Bus cannot be held responsible if we are picking you up at the airport and the flight is late.

We suggest that you allow enough time to get through the airport including security and allow some extra time due to any flight delays.

This may mean that you have to sit about the airport prior to pickup however this is better than getting a delayed flight and completely missing your booking which you would be liable for the full balance owed.  If we have the time we will wait as long as we possibly can however we cannot allow late flight arrivals to affect bookings for our other customers.

We try to be fair and these guidelines have been introduced for the benefit of ourselves and all of our customers.

There may be several jobs booked in and your actions could effect other jobs hence we have to follow these conditions.​

You may be charged for more than one incident.  Example 1 missing glass and sick clean up would be £5 plus £50 = £55 in total.


In the unlikely event of a break down a percentage of the balance will be refunded or we may look to provide alternative transport to get you to your venue.

This will be at the discretion of Rockstar Party Bus if we have a vehicle available.

If our own party buses are not available for any reason then we will try and replace our vehicle with another company's party bus (for the same price we quoted).

All efforts are made to be on time for every job, although Rockstar Party Bus cannot be held responsible for adverse weather conditions or road traffic conditions which may cause a delay on our arrival. We will let you know if we are going to be late via text or a call. 

Bookings begin from the agreed pick up time. If the passengers are late boarding this time will start from the agreed pick up time.

If we arrive early and the passengers board then the time they board will be the new pick up time.

If, however the bus is late you will still get the full 1-2 hour's on the bus e.g 9:10pm - 10:10pm for a 1hr cruise.

Under 16s must be accompanied by at least 1 responsible adult who is also responsible for under 14s to wear a seatbelt where fitted. Please advise of passenger age upon booking.

Any equipment used during the journey must be presented back to the driver at the end i.e karaoke mic, song book, remote control etc. 

Any item not returned will incur a fee.

A drivers rest break may be required during your journey due to the vehicles tachograph regulations but Rockstar Party Bus will make every effort to make you aware of this before the journey begins.

Please ensure that all glasses are returned to the correct holders and it would be appreciated if any litter could be collected and disposed of in the refuse bin on board.

The bus should be left in the same state it arrived in.

The organiser is responsible for ensuring that their party boards the bus at the agreed time. 

We have the right to supply another of our vehicles with the same or higher capacity for any bookings.

We can also use another vehicle for return trips. 

There is no age limit on the bus, however as the buses have inwards facing seats Rockstar Party Bus would prefer a stationary hire for kids under age 16.

The supervising adult is responsible for under 14s to wear seat belts while the bus is in motion.

LOST PROPERTY. The driver will hand in lost property within 24hrs. This can be collected at a suitable time, date and location for both parties.
We have the rights to dispose of perishable goods within 48 hours. We will dispose of general items after 1 month if not collected.

Rockstar Party Bus / Rockstar VIP Bus are trading names of Prestige Travel Scotland Ltd.


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